Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ok, school is out and at some point this weekend I do hope to do some actual sewing! I've spent the last few days kind of "decompressing" and also trying to clean my house - wow, what a dive! Things get a little out of hand when you only do serious cleaning during July and August. LOL

Also on Wednesday I went across the border to Maine with a friend and bought some CHEAP fabric and "Warm n' Natural" cotton batting. Americans don't know how lucky they have it when it comes to the price of quilting supplies, and most other things for that matter. Yeesh! The same quilt batting that costs $21.99/yard here was $6.97.yard at Walmart across the border. Also I got a lot of the fabric for $1.99...holy mackerel! Even with having to pay the duty at the border you still come out way ahead.

I'm getting way behind in the Old Red Barn quilt-along not just because I've been so busy, but also because I'm very scared to try the free-motion quilting! I hate doing something and not having it turn out well, even it if is the first time I've ever tried it. Perfectionism=procrastination I guess.


  1. i love your ORBQA wip and am sure you will do something great with it....know what you mean too about expensive crafting supplies ....its like that here too.

    Happy holidays Colleen

  2. Congrats on starting your blog Colleen, they are a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing your free motion quilting, I'm a perfectionist too so I try not to think too hard about it and just jump in. You will find something that works for you xo

  3. Have fun with your blog, Colleen. I'm a newbie as well! Try practicing freemotion on scraps. I use the edges I trim from my quilt sandwich.