Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Went to the fabric store today...main reason was to get some satin to make the "King and Queen" sashes for the Prom on Friday night. This has been my job every year since I started at my school. While I was there I bought some plain yellow cotton, so I can try doing a "Grandmother's Flower Garden" pattern with my vintage repro fabrics for the hexagon quilt-along. I also broke down and bought some Warm 'n' Natural batting so I can move forward with the Old Red Barn quilt-along, even though it costs $21.99 per metre and I could get it for half that price if I waited until a week from Thursday when I'm going across the border to Marden's. I am not good at waiting patiently.


  1. A late welcome to blogging ...this is a busy time of year for you.

    I can't wait to see the hexagon quilt ...the yellow will be so perfect...yummy!

  2. I'm screwed every time i go to a fabric store..and I have learned to leave my checkbook and debit card at home...I don't care if I overdraw....fabric mmakes me drool..and is a definate weakness for me....good luck blogging